10 reasons why breathing well is extremely beneficial for you…

Having recently launched our “How to Breathe” Workshop, we thought we’ed share a few reasons why it’s important to stop and take a breath once in a while…

  1. It assists in fat burning and weight control
  2. It releases toxins from the body
  3. It improves posture
  4. It increases digestion and assimilation of food
  5. It strengthens major organs
  6. It relieves pain
  7. It improves your posture
  8. It stimulates the lymphatic system
  9. It improves our cardiovascular system thus improving exercise performance
  10. It releases endorphin hormones, which make us feel good

If you would like to improve your breathing and learn how to use your breath correctly, here at Rural Space we like to take time to talk about the importance of breathing in all our classes.

Come along to one of our Pilates or Yoga classes for a free taster.