10 reasons why exercise is good for the older generation…

As we get older there is an assumption that we must become more sedate because it’s safer. We disagree! Here’s 10 reasons why being an fit OAP is a good idea…

  1. It lowers blood cholesterol, which reduces the risk of disease and poor health
  2. It Improves your memory and cognitive function
  3. It improves your mood and can prevent depression
  4. It’s social, you can meet up with friends or meet my people
  5. It keeps or improves your mobility and flexibility, reducing pain and improves arthritis
  6. It helps retain essential muscle
  7. It keeps you independent
  8. It can reduce the risk of some cancers
  9. It prevents osteoporosis
  10. It helps you to lose or maintain a healthy weight

Could you or do you know someone who could benefit from getting active? We are having an open day! Retired not expired addtext