10 reasons why yoga is essential for cyclists

A common misconception about yoga is that it’s only for people who are really flexible, BUT this is simply not the case! It’s often the people who don’t do yoga who need it the most! Particularly cyclists…

Here’s 10 reasons yoga will not only help to stretch out but can also help improve performance!

  1. It helps to strengthen the stabilising muscles like the core, bum and hips.
  2. It improves balance so that you can use your body to manoeuvre your bike more effectively.
  3. It improves flexibility, especially in the hamstrings, which leads to a more fluid pedal stroke.
  4. It helps to improve mental focus, and helps you to learn how to remain calm under pressure.
  5. It helps you learn how to use your breathing to your advantage.
  6. It helps prevent injury from body imbalance and overuse of lower body.
  7. It integrates into both training and competing, for strength and stretch.
  8. It is good for relaxation, switching off and helps to improve sleeping.
  9. It’s a great way to target and stretch specific muscles ie. hamstrings, quads and hips.
  10. Anyone can do it, at any time, anywhere.

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