Aromatherapy and Massage

“Aromatherapy massage is very useful for easing muscular aches and pains as the oils promote muscle relaxation and improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, which helps to eliminate toxins from within the body.” Charlotte

We have a range of massage techniques available here at Rural Space.

Sports Massage

Focusing on specific areas of tightness or pain and releasing trigger points to relax sore muscles.

Deep Tissue

This deep massage technique focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. The use of Javanese and Balinese techniques work to sooth away aches and pains as well as boosting circulation and energy flows throughout the body.



Essential oils blended specifically to target your therapeutic needs whether it be anxiety, insomnia, or muscle aches and pains, this relaxing treatment can sooth away the stresses.



Aromatherapy Full Body Massage – £50.00 (1 hr 30 mins)

Aromatherapy Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage – £40.00 (30 mins)

Full body Massage – £45.00 (1 hr)

Back Neck and Shoulder Massage – £30.00 (30 mins)

Sports Massage – £45.00 (1hr)


Massage with Su
Deep, moderate, light you choose. With My massages you choose pressure and areas of concern and also choose your desired treatment time .
30 mins£30
45mins £45
60mins £55
75mins £65

Indian Head massage
Indian head massage as the name indicates originated in India over 5000 years ago This treatment increases nourishment and oxygen to the scalp and hair follicle .it stimulates and improves  lymphatic drainage and blood flow to the neck .This treatment is excellent for headaches tension and stress. Massaging shoulders , arms , hands and head with a beautiful warm scented oil leaves you completely relaxed (Please don’t wash your hair prior to this treatment and allow 48 hrs after a hair colour treatment ) £39