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“Our bright and airy gym and exercise studio provides the perfect environment to exercise, relax and unwind.” Vikki.

A Piloxing class in full swing


Your own individual programme

Our experienced and qualified teachers listen to your needs and then create a training programme for you to follow on visits to the gym. We will help you to achieve your goals, whether you want to get fitter, change your body shape, or if you are recovering from an illness or injury, or training for an athletic event . We make each session educational and fun.

Achieve your goals faster using the Gravity Training System

Rural Space was the first gym and exercise studio in Shropshire to introduce highly effective Gravity Training machines. Used for different types of exercise – from pilates to fat-burning – they give a more intense, all-round workout because they utilise a person’s own body weight against gravity to include an element of resistance training. In other words it’s like doing an aerobics/pilates class while weight-lifting at the same time, so results are achieved more quickly.

The beauty of the system is that, because the user performs exercises lying or sitting on a moving glide board, their core strength muscles are worked while their spine is fully supported. It makes tough exercise feel easier to do and the adjustable incline means the system suits all ability levels.

The Gravity Training System is especially good for flattening stomachs and toning thighs and bums.

It is particularly useful for people who suffer from back problems because of the back and neck support.

Everyone who uses the Gravity Training System loves it, and cannot believe how quickly it changes their body shape.

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