Membership & Prices

See and feel the results of your Rural Space membership all year round.

Receive great advice to get you started

As a new client you will receive an initial assessment and consultation to ensure that we understand your needs and are able to give you the best advice possible.


Feel fitter, healthier & happier in no time!

At Rural Space you’ll find a professional, friendly team, whether you’re looking for a personal trainer, looking to join a Pilates or Yoga class, wanting try our unique gravity training machines that change your body shape or our ‘spinning’ bikes that burn fat and improve cardiovascular fitness.

Become a member

Monthly membership fee: £45 per month.

Joint membership for 2 people: £70 per month.

We will set up a standing order and simply require one months notice to cancel.

Or Pay as you Go & Block Classes

If you aren’t a member and you don’t want to purchase a block you can pay as you go to all classes.

Price for each class is £5 with the exception of Mat Pilates which is £10 per class.

Buy a block of 10 classes for £85.


  • Hypnoband 4 sessions – £70 per session
  • Hypnotherapy for children – £70 per session
  • Suggestion Therapy – £70 per session
  • Pure Hypnoanalysis – £60 per session
  • Smoking Cessation – £195 per session

Personal Training

  • £30 – for half an hour
  • £40 – for 1 hour
  • £350 – for 10 hour sessions paid in advance