overcoming Anxiety and depression

We create anxiety when we are worrying about things that we feel powerless to control, the more out of control we feel about things the more we tend to brood and worry, ironically thinking that if we overthink it we will feel more in control, but in fact it just makes us worry more. when we are anxious we then go into a stress response with can cause havoc with our physical and psychological wellbeing, symptoms could be, heart palpitations, dizziness, lack of concentration, sweating, forgetfulness, feeling sick, stomach problems plus much many more. Thinking in this way will also lower our mood and make us feel depressed. Here are 10 tips to help you reduce anxiety and live a happier healthier life.

  1. Try not to create anticipatory anxiety, so don’t worry about things that haven’t even happened.
  2. Don’t make’ to do lists,’ make’ I have done it list’ instead.
  3. Try not to use dramatic language, eg. hate, nightmare, vile, disgusting, starving etc.
  4. Don’t make challenging times or situations more difficult by brooding about them.
  5. feel grateful, maybe make a daily grateful list.
  6. Move your body, get some fresh air every day.
  7. Do things that you enjoy.
  8. Minimize your time with negative people, they just drag you down.
  9. Learn to tolerate uncomfortable feelings and remember they will pass.
  10. Remember you and only you are in control of your thoughts and your thoughts create your feelings. so learn how to manage your thinking. make sure that little voice (self talk) that we all have, is kind supportive and like your best friend.

If you would like some one to one help to learn how to manage your thinking then contact us.