Some new ideas & a few sore gluts

Some new ideas & a few sore gluts

Last Friday all the instructors here at Rural Space packed our bags and made our way up to Blackpool! But, we weren’t off for a jolly weekend to see the tower or ride a donkey beach-side, no we were headed for the Winter Gardens & the Blackpool International Fitness Showcase (much more exciting in our eyes!).

Three days of experiencing and experimenting with every type of fitness class you could imagine and we have returned to Shropshire, heads bursting with great new ideas & hands bursting with lots of new, weird looking equipment!

We loved PIYO – a class that combines toning exercises, yoga and Pilates, it was a great combination of feeling like you’re working those muscles to create tone and also getting a really good stretch through your whole body!

We also loved the Trigger Point Pilates. It’s a pilates class which involves some spiky balls, which you place in some questionably, precarious places. The balls create a real pleasure-pain sensation, initially it feels uncomfortable- lying on the floor with a spiky ball squashed under your pelvis might not sound like the most relaxing sensation in the world BUT after removing the balls you feel like your body is melting into the floor! (well that’s how I felt anyway…!) It’s all to do with releasing tension in the fascia, which is a connective tissue in the muscle. If this gets tight you can’t stretch and the risk of injury risk is increased! So, where do these spiky balls come in?  Well, by lying on them you push into the fascia fibres and this helps separate them out so you can stretch out.

There was also a lot of hype around the Spinning classes at Blackpool, we tried out a few and I can safely say I was sweating from every pore in my body (gross I know, but true)! We put a few of the concepts we learned into practice & I’m glad to report that it wasn’t just me sweating buckets! Plus everyone seemed to ENJOY the class…! Spinning is such a great class and if you’re currently a non-spinner, don’t be afraid! Give it a try and get the bug (and a sore slightly bum…!).