The benefits of massage

We all know that having a massage can be very relaxing and therapeutic BUT did you know there is a lot more to massage than meets the eye…

Here are some great benefits of massage that you may not have heard about…

  1. It relieves stress – Just one massage session can significantly lower, heart rate, cortisol and insulin levels
  2. It can improve posture – Massage helps to reinforce healthy, natural movement patterns which encourage good posture.
  3. It improves circulation  – The pressure used during massage moves blood through congested areas, increasing blood flow, improving overall bodily function.
  4. It lowers blood pressure – High blood pressure is a condition that can lead to high-risk cardiovascular diseases, massage can help to reduce.
  5. Helps relax muscles – Tight muscles and muscle stiffness can cause pain and discomfort, massage helps to release tightness and work into knots.
  6. It improves flexibility and range of motion – As we get older the fluid in our joints dries up and this reduces the range of motion in that joint, massage helps to encourage fluid production, meaning you retain that range of motion.
  7. It promotes deeper and easier breathing  – Massage helps relieve respiratory issues and encourage the body to relax so that deeper, more efficient breaths can be taken and oxygen uptake is increased.
  8. It relieves headaches – Massage reduces pressure and eases head pain
  9. It strengthens the immune system – Research indicates that massage can help increase the immune system’s cytotoxic capacity (the activity levels of the body’s natural “Killer cells”)
  10. It helps speed recovery after operations and injuries – Massages increases the amount of blood flow in the body and therefore increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients the organs receive.