The converted Yogi. (By Fae)

The converted Yogi. (By Fae)

A couple of years ago, you couldn’t have dragged me to a yoga class, in my opinion, although actually having very minimal experience, yoga was boring, too slow and had very little benefits… Two years on and I am not ashamed to admit that my ¬†opinion has completely changed.

I started my yoga journey by taking part in one of Vikki’s classes, where I quickly found out that I was very inflexible and that my hamstrings were in a dire state, all of which was from a classic combination of too much high intensity exercise and not enough stretching. Although I found the class really hard and dare I say painful I persisted and to my surprise with just one class per week my body slowly began to stretch it’s self out.

Last summer I went on a course to train as an instructor, which really opened my eyes to the vastly diverse world of Yoga, and 10 months down the line and I absolutely love it, I love the feeling of peace you get at the end of class it’s so calming. It’s a class which really allows you to switch off from the rest of the world. It helps you to focus on the present moment, you have to think about your breathing, your posture and your muscles which makes it an almost meditative process. And the breathing element, which I always thought was a total waste of time, is now one of my favourite things about Yoga and I have found that I use it in every day life.

Yoga has improved not only my, balance and mobility and sleeping but has also helped me with my other training, even helping me achieve personal bests which I never thought it would and although they are still a work-in-progress, even my hamstrings are feeling the benefits.

So, if you are someone who is somewhat of a yoga sceptic I would really encourage you to give it a go! You’ve got nothing to lose (well, except for some excruciatingly tight hamstrings…).

Greatly appreciate you taking the time to read this…