The Thrive Programme

The Thrive programme is a highly successful CBT based therapy which educates and empowers people about limiting beliefs, personality traits and thinking styles which can transform the way we see and interact with our world.  It is particularly effective at helping people manage emotions, thoughts, beliefs and change patterns of behaviour.  We help people to manage and cope better with the stresses of life, transforming a wide range of problems faced from depression and anxiety, self-esteem issues, a lack of confidence, to addictions and phobias.

Most People are completely unaware of the effects that their limiting beliefs and thinking styles are having upon them and instead, believe that their symptoms and problems are happening to them. This makes them feel powerless to change that symptom, which could be a phobia, anxiety, stress, depression or many other symptoms.

The Thrive programme encourages people to gain the in-depth self-insights, understanding of psychological principles and the skills needed to permanently change their limiting beliefs and unhelpful thinking styles to take control of their life and thrive. The good news is that all these skills can be learned and developed.  Nobody needs to endure the common causes of distress and suffering, you can start to thrive and flourish instead.

The programme is supported by established research and clinical experience and we are members of the IAEBP (International Association of Evidence Based Psychotherapy).

For more information or an initial consultation please call Vikki Heath on 07989 339191 or 01939 291988, alternatively you can email for more information or have a look on to find out more.

We work with both adults and young people/teenagers and are DBS registered.  Thrive is ideal for some of the common situations we all face at some point in our lives including:

  • Young People – During exam time and as they make the long, difficult transition from children to young adults – we can help to combat the growing epidemic of stress and anxiety affecting young people in the digital age
  • Recovery after illness or trauma – When your body and your mind both need attention to aid recovery and deal with major changes in your life
  • Stress and Anxiety – how to survive and thrive in our highly competitive world, stressful work situations, building confidence and handling social anxiety, low self-esteem or panic attacks.  Levels of depression are rising among adults across the world as many people become overwhelmed by the incredible pace of life, pressures at work or the stress of everyday living.