Weight loss – It’s about HOW MUCH more than WHAT you’re eating…

Weight loss – It’s about HOW MUCH more than WHAT you’re eating…


So, you’re on a mission to ditch the weight, you’ve overhauled your routine and you’re hitting spinning and Yoga like there’s no  tomorrow, not to mention the super clean, healthy diet you’ve put yourself on… But for some reason the weight doesn’t seem to be shifting…? 

It seems you can have too much of a good thing after all..!

You see, what you’re eating might be super healthy, but what it comes down to is that you maybe simply eating too much! You’re body doesn’t care if what you put in your mouth is a jam doughnut or a super food salad, it only recognises calories and if, to combat the doughnut cravings, you’ve bulked up your salad, you might end up consuming the same number of calories, thus leaving you more to burn off in order to create the calorie deficit you need to burn that  fat. 

Calories in, calories out. If you burn off the same number of calories as you consume in that day, that’s “Eucalories” and your body won’t need to burn any excess fat to create energy or store those calories, (neither will it have any excess calories to store). Your body weight will remain the same.

If fat loss is what you’re after, you will have to consume less calories than you’ll burn on a daily basis. 1 pound of fat = 3500 calories. So, in order to burn 1 pound of fat in a week, you will have to reduce the number of calories you consume each day by 500. If you want to burn 2 pounds of fat per week, you’ll have t0 cut the amount of calories you consume each day by 1000.

Obviously, you should / need to try and eat good foods with a high nutritional value to unsure you consume the right amount of macro-nutrients (carbs, fats & proteins) and micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals) for healthy bodily function. Plus, increasing your activity level will encourage and increase fat-burning too!
Lastly… a tip to rid yourself of those hunger pangs and food cravings, have a glass of water instead. It’ll fill you up and distract you from what’s in the fridge!