What is a summer body anyway?

What is a summer body anyway?

So, summer is fast approaching, there’s no stopping it’s arrival and the majority of us are pretty excited! BUT… as the weather warms there is a communal stomach twist at the though of revealing more of one’s self than one is comfortable with.

It’s around this time that sudden panic sets in, as you realize that your body is NOT summer ready… (duh duh duuuuuh) But hold on a second, what does having a “summer body” actually mean? Most of us would automatically picture a Victoria Secret Model like silhouette, wash board abs and a cellulite-free bum that even Kim Kardashian would be proud of…

BUT, does this have to be the way we portray a “summer body”, I would like to say no! Yes, you might have to shed the layers and reveal a bit of skin, but if you feel confident in doing so, I would say that you are summer-ready and that is good enough for me! Confidence is one of the most attractive traits one can have and in my opinion, even if your not as svelte as one of those Victoria secret models, you’ve just got to get out there and own it!

We all have our own personal body hang ups, one woman’s legs may be to big for her liking, but another woman is probably looking at her legs green with envy! A guy might think his stomach isn’t as toned as he might like, another guy might be harbouring a hefty beer belly wishing he look like the other guy! What ever your body hangup might be, trust me when I say, it isn’t half as bad as you think it is!

So, in conclusion, having a “summer body” should be looked upon on a much more individual scale, not the global summer body pin-up that everyone attempts to aspire to. So get those bikinis and Speedo’s (if you dare) on and let the world see your version of a “summer body”!