The choice is yours…

The choice is yours…

Hello everyone, Fae here!

With so many New Years declarations being made, I wanted to write about something that everyone has, but seems to forget about sometimes… Choice.

Everything you do in life comes down to a choice, making a decision, usually between one thing or another. Some times we feel like we have lots of choice, but more often than not, we feel like we have none.

Weightloss is all about choice. January is here and once again many of us are choosing 2017 as the year to lose weight and get in shape. BUT making the decision between a banana and a donut, or an early gym session and an hour extra in bed seems to be a tricky one.

Sometimes we use excuses as a way of justifying the decisions we make – “I don’t have enough time today”, or “there was nothing in the house so we had to order a take away”. These are statements we make to justify the choices we’ve made. No one said losing weight was easy, but the choices we have are pretty simple, it’s just a case of piking the right one.

It’s all about being aware that you ALWAYS have a choice! It’s just that sometimes the other option is far more favourable, like, for example, snoozing the alarm for an extra 15 minutes… Life is short, choose to do the things that are going to give you the most fulfilment, the most satisfaction, the most empowerment.

Simply say “no” to that biscuit or extra slice of cheesecake – the power is in YOUR hands!

Forget the bad choices you make and celebrate the good ones, they are all victories.

Remember, YOU have the POWER to CHOOSE!

Thank you for reading!