6 Week Meditation Course

Floatation therapy creates a unique environment which is free of external stimuli, proven to increase feelings of serenity and deep relaxation. This method of meditation helps to decrease feelings of anxiety and tension – which last long after your sessions are finished.

Proven benefits of using a flotation tank 

  • Decreases anxiety and depression and improves sleep

  • Relieves physical pain

  • Enhances athletic performance

  • Benefits creativity

This course will include six weekly sessions on the restorative dry flotation massage tank and six weekly sessions of the Mindspace programme online which will include videos and reading material which will help you manage your thinking, reduce anxiety and change your limiting beliefs so that you will become more resilient and be able to cope with the challenges life throws you. Allowing you to live a happier and healthier life.

Try Our 6 Week Meditation Sessions

Each session will provide an amazing sense of deep relaxtion -improving your stress levels, physical pain and well-being

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Covid-19 Response

To ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment please adhere to the following:-

  1. Please do not come to ruralspace if you or anyone in your household have symptons
  2. Please wait in your car and only enter the studio 5 minutes before your class
  3. Although your equipment will have been cleaned after each class please feel free to clean again
  4. Please leave coats in your car – you will each a a tray to put your valuables in
  5. Please leave straight after class you can chat outside at a two metre distance
  6. .Please use hand sanitizer on entry and exit
  7. .Masks and gloves are optional
  8. Please bring your own water as I cannot provide at the moment
  9. Please clean reformers and spin bikes after use.
  10. Please bring your own Mat for Mat classes. These can be purchased at the studio along with bands, weighted pilates balls, bender balls, chi balls.

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