Pilates by Candle Light

Join Today Pilates By Candle Light Pilates by candle light – £12 Pilates by candlelight is an amazing experience for your mind and body. Suitable for all abilities. This class flows whilst stretching and releasing tight muscles. Finishing off with a guided meditation so that you just float away any stress or tension. Join us: Wednesday … Read more

Mat Pilates with Weights

Join Today Mat Pilates with Weights A dynamic one off Pilates class using small weights to improve tone and strength to the small local stabilising muscles which keep us upright. Most forms of exercise use the big global muscles which sit on top of these small local muscles but if the local muscles are weak … Read more

Self Hypnosis Workshop

Join Today Introduction to Self Hypnosis Workshop   Hypnosis is a natural phenomena that we unconsciously go into every day, “ have you ever driven somewhere and when you arrive at your destination you can’t really remember driving on certain roads” or you are so engrossed in a book or film you have no concept … Read more

Introductory back to basics pilates workshop

Join Today Introductory back to basics pilates workshop  If you are completely new to Pilates or you are returning after a break then this is a perfect workshop for you. We will be looking at your posture stability and alignment. You will learn Pilates breathing and centering, identifying your four diaphragms and how everything connects … Read more


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