Life for any of us is not normal, it’s not necessarily good or bad it’s just not how it used to be or how we expected it to be and it’s not just happening to us but everyone we know ….all over the world.

Our brain likes prediction and response, it feels happy when we do a certain thing at a certain time in a certain way, well for many of us that isn’t happening, we are not going to work our children are being home schooled, no holidays have been had or are not booked and we can’t hug our friends and family, shopping is a chore wearing masks and queuing and even when restrictions are lifted a bit there is no spontaneity, everything has to be planned to the nth degree.

The most important thing which is causing people more stress and anxiety is we don’t know when the end will be, we can’t predict even doctors and politicians, whom many of us have lost faith in, can’t give us the answers we want. It’s like a mass worldwide grief for the life we once had, and like any grief we have to allow ourselves to feel the emotions, even if you are thriving through lockdown there will be parts of your life you miss. Positive thinking is great but in situations like this it’s not always helpful in fact it can be annoying. In my opinion what we need to do is accept our life as it is now, accept the lack of control about our future,  the lack of connection with other people and just trust that everything will be ok in the end and that we have got the coping skills to get through this.

Recently I watched a programme about Billy Connolly, one of my favourite comedians and he said that he had never planned any of his shows he just trusted that he would be funny and make people laugh. Well if that was good enough for Billy I’m sure it could work for us all. Just try it sit back close your eyes and imagine your future, imagine how great your life will be appreciating all the thing you took for granted during this challenging time.

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