Val's story

  • I joined Rural Space over 2 years ago with the aim of getting fitter; I was fast approaching 50 & wondering if it was too late really! Little did I know that Rural Space would also introduce me to a whole new group of friends - both team & gym members - whom I love coming to see & who have actually inspired me to keep coming on the rainy days, the 'I really don't want to be doing anything days' & through some of the hardest & darkest days of my life. The work outs are varied and the instructors are lovely and tailor sessions to suit your individual needs & abilities best. They are so encouraging & yet not intrusive. Alongside that, the other gym members get together a few times a year & yet there's no pressure to attend anything other than what & when you can. Not only have I altered physically in general fitness and weight (hurrah!) but mentally, I have found Rural Space has proved to be invaluable. Do come along & try for yourself - you won't look back!
  • "Rural Space and it's wonderful staff make dreams into reality for men and women, helping them to reach their potential with Thrive, exercise and holistic therapies." Melanie
  • Hi Vicky,

    Just wanted to say what a great testimonial….your ladies are lovely!

    Keep up the great job…

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    Michael Steel

  • Great job!

    Congratulations from Igor Castiglia Gravity Training System Master Trainer for Italy.

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  • "I am so pleased that I joined Rural Space. It's a unique place - friendly, unthreatening, intimate and fun. I have always been fit and previously attended standard gyms but after only two months at Rural Space I feel stronger and more toned than ever before. Vikki is a wonderful teacher, as are her fellow instructors. The selection of classes is excellent, with enough variety to provide you with a great all round programme. I look forward to every class and it never feels like a chore." - Sarah
  • Vikki and the team at Rural Space have not only helped me with my all round fitness, but have also supported me through a very difficult time. A big thank you to all who encouraged me to come to classes! Everyone is so friendly and there is always a very welcoming atmosphere.


Gym Testimonials

  • Vikki and the team at Rural Space have not only helped me with my all round fitness, but have also supported me through a very difficult time. A big thank you to all who encouraged me to come to classes! Everyone is so friendly and there is always a very welcoming atmosphere.


  • "Rural Space has changed my life style, I feel and look much better. There is such a big choice of classes both morning and evening and social events too. The staff have made me feel very welcome and I have met many new friends." Cynthia
  • "8 week coming with 2 pilates and 1 spin per week and I have reduced my cholesterol from 7.8 to 5.8 and lost 7kg. Excellent support throughout" Pauline
  • I have been coming to Rural Space for 4 years now and I am one of the older generation. I have found the Gravity Machines have helped keep me supple and combined with the Mat Pilates it is fantastic with everyone and also a lot of fun.


  • "Always made to feel welcome and encouraged to join in whatever your ability. All staff are so happy and always have time to help and advise." Michelle
  • "Had a massage here on Monday- AMAZING! Thank you! I will be back for more. Probably the best massage I've had. Highly recommended. Lovely place and staff." Anna Edwards

Thrive Testimonials

  • The Thrive programme is exactly that! Reaching nearly 40 and spending most of my later school and adult life over thinking, feeling socially anxious,and the fear of not fitting in, I can now say I am totally at ease with myself and others and have realised that all those years worrying was a waste , but let's not dwell on that because that would just take me back to negative thinking which is not where I am now , thriving, setting goals which I know I can achieve every day.
    Thrive gives you the tools to deal with your thoughts , emotions, confidence and much more , my only regret is that I didn't know about Thrive years ago. I cannot recommend the Thrive programme enough, don't think about it just do it, was the best decision I've ever made, thank you Vikki and team rural space what a wonderful place x
  • I was really struggling with so many aspects of life and decided enough was enough. I went to see Vicky and since then have recommended her to all my friends. She is amazing, so un-judgemental, kind, relaxed and easy to talk to. After a session of hypnotherapy I found the root causes of my stresses and worries, many of which I didn't realise were! After only a few weeks of working through the amazing book Vicky provided I am now able to challenge my negative thoughts and either turn them into positives, deal with them before they become a problem or banish them from my head altogether. I now see life through rose tinted glasses, I'm relaxed, I'm able to deal with potential problems before they escalate into one, and I have saved my relationship. I truly am so much happier and more in control of my thoughts and life and I really can't thank or recommend Vicky enough. She's a wonderful lady and star!
  • I came to see Vikki after more than 10 years of avoiding walking and driving any path or road which involved height – and not even that high sometimes. My life had become limited and I was at the point where my I felt really bad that my family also suffered from the limitations I imposed. We have a place in Spain and it was just not possible for us to enjoy the countryside and scenery. I planned travel to avoid anything involving height. Previous hypnotherapy had had a modest impact but not longstanding and CBT was a failure. Then I came to you and you took me through the THRIVE programme. I was a little sceptical at first but your skill and understanding approach quickly helped me see the opportunity to really do something about this fear/phobia. I am so much a different person and continue to improve. My first trip up to a mountain restaurant my wife has wanted me to go to for 9 years was simply fantastic; no thoughts or planning, I just enjoyed every moment and took in the views almost to intoxication! The THRIVE programme has been a great success for me and my family. I could go on to tell about every difference in my thinking and attitude but that would take up a lot of space. So, thank you for your wisdom in recommending THRIVE and your great skill in taking me through it. You have changed my life.


  • I went to see Vikki just two months ago, I was, or so I thought dependent on alcohol and had been for many years, I was very embarrassed about this as it was impacting all of my life. I thought I would never be able to stop and could see me going down a slippery slope, I was frightened that I might lose everything that is important to me. Vikki started helping me, using the 'Thrive' program. You may not believe me but I left that first session in such a different state of mind, knowing that I could resolve my problem myself, I was not addicted I just was not trying hard enough to sort myself out. From the first day it worked, I did not drink from that very first day and two months later and 3/4 of stone lighter (an added benefit) I feel great. I have cracked my habit, and feel back in control. I can not recommend the program enough, and with Vikki's support you have a great chance of succeeding in whatever you may wish for.


  • "I just wanted to say thankyou so much for what you have done for me, I came into our first session a nervous wreck but in our session today so positive and happy and left feeling elated, *Paul came round and I had no animosity, he for once, seemed to be on egg shells asking if it was okay to have a cup of tea! I played with the kids in the garden and have just put them to bed at 7.30 had a shower, painted my toe nails I'm now going to have a glass of wine with tea then bed. Weeks ago by this time I would have been in semi depressed sleep, I'm actually wide awake and smiling. I am really glad I booked you again just as a prop (I mean that nicely) incase I need a bit more reaffirming? Thankyou sooooo much you have changed my life and I never ever thought this possible" Shelley
  • I kind of stumbled across the Thrive Programme accidently.  I was thinking about getting some help to deal with my sugar craving and had decided to try Hypnotherapy; just to see if that would help.  I googled for Hypnotherapists in my area and the one that stood out was Rural Space, it was close to where I lived and seemed to be just what I was looking for.  After emailing Vicky, I arranged an appointment for a few days later for a consultation. At the consultation, although my focus was on my sugar cravings we somehow got talking about my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which have had for about 8 years now, and my depression which I suffer from, sometimes quite severely, since my father passed away in 2004.  Vicky was lovely, calm and helped me feel relaxed and able to talk about my issues and my wishes for my outcome after treatment.  She suggested that I would perhaps most benefit from doing the Thrive Programme, which would entail 6 weekly sessions. On my first session, I wasn’t really sure what to expect and was slightly hesitant, but Vicky certainly put me at ease and we began what was going to be six of the most important weeks of my life.  The Thrive Programme has changed how I live my life.  It was very emotional, made me think a great deal about what I thought about myself and some beliefs that I had held for a long time, but even after only 2 weeks I could already see such a difference in my energy levels and my thinking and demeanour. It’s certainly a hard programme to follow, with lots of reading, exercises to do and really opening yourself up emotionally but the results are definitely worth it.  If you really want to change your life for the better, and are prepared to put the effort in, the Thrive Programme is a great tool. I’m now in a much better place both physically and emotionally.  My self-esteem is higher than it ever has been over my 49 years on this earth, although I know I still have some way to go.  I still haven’t dealt with the sugar cravings, though I know without a doubt that I will be able to overcome them, as Vicky and Thrive have given me the tools and determination to do this, and whatever else I want to do with my life. Thanks Vicky, you were quite the discovery and I’m so glad that I stumbled upon you. Julie Morris-Jones